zaterdag 30 mei 2009

ATC's for trade

On this blog

you will find my ATC's,

which are for trade.


And have a nice day!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. pragtige nuwe blog, en n gooie ideea...maar ek moet nou rus en nie meer werk doen nie, liefs en wfs.

  2. hi marianne!
    what a beautiful blog and atc gallery!
    i love them! what a great idea!

  3. it's wonderful to see them so big!!
    You're amazing ;)


  4. marianne, this new blog is really beautiful. i love the design totally and the atc's just shine. did you design this layout, because it's fab?


  5. The white daisy is awesome...Wait until Teri C. sees her...If she doesn't trade for it ...I will be happy to...:)

  6. Soul, jij moet eerst rusten!!!!!!

    Thanks Melissa and Lolo!

    KJ wish I did the layout, because I love it too but it is from .
    Click the link in the left upper corner!
    Thanks for your always uplifting comments!

    Margaret the daisy is yours!

  7. They are all just so pretty...I love being able to scroll down and get lost in thought looking at all of them! You should make a mandala would sell like hotcakes!


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