dinsdag 20 juli 2010

My second ABC

A= for Aligator
B= for Blue Morpho
C= for Christmas Cactus
D= for daisy in the sun
E= for Earth
F= for Flax Fairy
G= for Green Violet ear
H= for Husky
I= for Impala
J= for Japanese fighting fish
K= for Koala
L= for Luna
M= for Mandala (what else??!!)
N= for Nude
O= for Oxlip
P= for Peacock
Q= for Quote
R= for Rhino
S= for Spring peeper
T= for T Rex
U= for Ural Owl
V= for Valkparkiet
W= for Watermelon
X= for X-otic
Y= for Yoga Yantra
Z= for Zanzibar

I finished my 2nd ABC's for the ABC ATC's Around the World group.
Here they all are together.
It has been a lot of fun ladies.
Thanks for all your beautiful cards.
Hope you will all enjoy the summer break :)