maandag 7 december 2009


A= for Apple blossom
B= for Bee on Buttercup

C= for Cactus Wren

D= for Desert Rose

E= for Elephant

F= for Frog

G= for Goldfish

H= for Hibiscus

I= for Iris

J= for Jellyfish

K= for Klimt's Kiss

L= for Lunamoth

M= for Maneki Neko

N= for Nautilus

O= for Orchid

P= for Passion flower

Q= for Quan Yin

R= for Rainbow Mandala

S= for Sunflower

T= for Tattoo

U= for Unicorn

V= for Violet

W= for Waterlilly

X= for Xylopia Aromatica

Y= for Yin Yang

Z= for Zebra Swallowtail

zaterdag 3 oktober 2009

ATC's for trade (some taken)

Flower power 1
Poppy sparkle (traded with Margaret)



I made a small serie of these. The original went to Soulbrush, they are a few left.
Chinese Blossom (traded)

Hydrangea (taken)

Green and blue





Grasses (traded)

Flower power (traded)

Daisy in red (Taken)

Daisy in pink (reserved)

Daisy in purple (Taken)

Peace II
Giraf (traded with Soul!)
mandala (taken)
Peace III (for California Lynn!)
Peace IV

If you want to trade please e-mail me the one you want.
Please no more than 3 ATC's in one trade :)

zondag 6 september 2009

P= for Passionflower

Started inPanama, finished in Bonaire

This passionflower I did in Panama earlier this year

And this one I made for Lisa in our ABC ATC's Around the world Challenge.

Flowers make good mandalas, don't you think?