vrijdag 26 juni 2009


D= for Desert Rose

E= for Elephant

F= for Frog

These ABC ATC's are not for trade as they are for the ABC group members.
ABC ATC's Around the world

zondag 21 juni 2009

cactus ATC's

yellow taken

purple taken

Sjimmie taken

Prickly bloom taken

Orange taken

Egg cactus Available

Peach taken

Cactus Mandala taken

C= for Cactus taken

Cactus bloom mandala Available

Cacti Circles Available

Driekoningencactus taken

Prickly taken

maandag 8 juni 2009


Shine taken
Whattangle taken

Seaweed taken
Rose taken

Pink 1 taken

Pink 2 taken

Pink 3 available

Pink 4 taken

Pink 5 taken

Pink starfish taken

Octo taken
new beginning taken
Pink 6 taken

Bloom available


Sun available

Yin Yang Available

Sunburst available

Sunset available

Orange zendala available
Spring taken

Paris in Spring availble

Daffodil taken

Aztec taken


Green taken

bloom available

green blue available
Daisy available

Daffodil taken

Anemone taken
just a flower taken
Watermelon mandala taken

Pa not available
Bloom available


Orange available

Blue Available

Grey Available

Purple taken

Yellow Available